Model: (Click to see more) 99982: Mardave
Status: Runner
Date: 17-Apr-2010
Comments: 4
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Hi all, This is my much used Mardave V12, it's raced at my local track in the 'stock rod' class - normally it has something like a Beetle or Toyota Starlet shell on it but tonight we are having a Nostalgia night.
As a stock rod it has very limited modifications, ballraces and steering links are the main ones - it has to keep the standard 3 step resistor speedo uses a control battery and motor, its the best racing out there, fast and very close. having the top 5 cars on the same lap after 50 laps is not uncommon :-)
As for the body it is an Arcade shell, normally for banger racing, so it is moulded in ABS. I have cut out the windows and replaced them with lexan offcuts, made some rear lights and rolled the bottom edges under - other than that, it's all paint
One of my neighbours will be wondering why his Vw Polo has one clean headlight - it was the only car in our car park with round lights! The decals were made using publisher and are simply printed onto sticky paper and laminated, its not going to see any outdoor action and I'm not expecting it to last much longer than tonight - Oval racing does have a little bit of contact....

-Before I tidied the grille paint :-) This is more it's normal look :-)




nice mk 1 cortina i used to own a 1965 1:1 one



I love this car , straight into my fav's



Don't take offence, but that looks far too good to be a mardave! What a great classic cortina



As a quick footnote - it doesn't look like that any more - the windows came out in the first race and it's picked up quite a few scuffs, but it's still running strong got 2 qualifing races left and then the final - I'm 3 rd overall which considering how it handles is amazing ps it does wheelies

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