Model: (Click to see more) 58093: Bear Hawk
Status: New built
Date: 18-May-2003
Comments: 3
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First thing you should know is that I don't collect NIB kits. I believe that those kits were made to be built... But I respect people who want to collect them and so I don't buy vintage NIB's. This means that each time I want to built a vintage Tamiya I have to hunt on the NIB parts.
So in january 2003 I challenged myself to built a Bear Hawk from NIB parts. After searching for about 4 months I gathered all parts together. All were NIB except for the shocks which came of another Bear Hawk which was used only a couple of times.
In may 2003 I started assembling the parts and painting the body. As for all my models (yes, even for shelf queens) I installed ball bearings all around.
I finished the model on the 17th of may and so here it is now...

Bear Hawk built from new parts All the parts -none- -none- -none- -none-




Very nice , I'm liking this a lot



This is one of the cars i love, hopefully i will have my box art shelf queen finished soon too



I agree on the NIB, I think it's a bit sad that something made to be built, just hasn't? Love the bear hawk chassis really light and fast.

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