Model: (Click to see more) 58176: Repsol Ford Escort RS
Status: Project
Date: 25-May-2010
Comments: 5
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I bought this on ebay as a last minute cheeky bid and won.

The kit was complete and running with the box and instructions, the shell was beyond repair but lucky I managed to track down a new one.

I'm unsure what to do with this one at the moment, box art maybe? erm...

Needs stripping and a good clean Shell has seen better days Original price still on the box Box says come with ESC but this one hasn't ???!!?? What motor is this? Wheels mmmm new original shell !




I'd say definately box-art - these Escort kits are classics. As for the speed controller: The box seems to say '3-step forward and reverse speed controller' which is Tamiya's way of saying 'We've put the cheap one in but it'll get you going'!



Yeah got to be Box art, I will never sell mine, easy paint job as well, clever way of using decals before you paint if I remember.



It seems to be missing it's face? I suggest you also cut down the rear bumper, add skidguards on the body on front and rear and you'll have a nice Dakar/Rallycross/Autocross basher/runner body



Box art! All Ford rallye cars should be as they where intended. The only BA cars I like. Very nice find.



Thanks for the comments and the info, box art it is then

It will look good next to my Schnitzer BMW M3 and BMW 318I STW (not added to the showroom yet)

Anyone know which motor this has?

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