Model: (Click to see more) 58023: Holiday Buggy
Status: Other
Date: 31-May-2010
Comments: 9
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Thought I'd better post a few explanitory pics of this before I get lynched for abusing vintage Tamiyas lol!
The sacrificial Mad Max comp car was in fact made from all the unuseable parts from my Holiday Buggy runner project and the only 'good' parts on it were the kingpins and the suspension arms which, as I have several sets kicking around myself, I assume are plentiful(?) - even the Lunchbox bumper was one that had no chrome on so.. all these bits would've ended up in the bin anyway. Front suspension was made from junior hacksaw blades and cable ties, fuel cells were spent CO2 cartriges, rear axle was just a length of M5 studding, gauze over the windows and a bullet sheild for the windscreen made from scrap Lexan. Everything was glued together with a hot glue gun and sprayed with matt olive to dull down the colours. Oh and that's not a Clod blower scoop btw - Clods are sacred! ;)
Photography-wise it was very basic stuff - the car was suspended on metal poles infront of a cardboard background facing a big fan to blow the flames back, doused in petrol then set on fire - simples.
I've no idea how well the pic will fare in the competition but it was great fun to do and it kept me occupied this bank holiday - well done TC for a great competition theme!

5 Looks like a complete Holiday Buggy... 6 ...but it isnt! 7 excuse rubbish phone pic decent camera was in use! 8 add a quick splash of petrol and a blowtorch.. 7 get my picture... 8 ...and we are done! 7 Bodywork suffered a little.. 16 did the chassis!

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Don't tell anyone but you so have my vote Very very good. J

Mad Zero


Thank you!

Jonny Retro


Bet you could still sell that on eBay as 'for restoration'



Yeah, that definately needs to go on ebay as a restoration project



last of the v8s would been a shame to blow it up



This competition is just getting too hard to judge. Top work Buzz.



Top pic looks well mean,on fire one is a great shot for the comp.



Well aaallllrightyeee then! So that is the secret to the flamable buggy. Nice work Buzz.



Good thing everything worked out the first time!

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