Model: (Click to see more) 99981: Traxxas
Status: Extra info
Date: 14-Aug-2014
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This is THE very first serious competition car that Traxxas ever made in order to pick a fight with Team Associated and Team Losi. It was launced in 1991. And it's an awesome construction - it looks like a 20** car! Wide, slim, long wishbones. And the plastic in rims and chassis look like nylon, seem to be very beefy and strong! The drive shafts are also very impressive, made from plastic - looks a bit like those Schumacher used to make.

I bought this car on ebay/US in december 2010 for USD 150 plus shipping. It came with a manual, which is extremely well made! It has a double body mount at the front, so I suscpect it has had a truck bodyshell or something before.

Bombshell! The car is METRIC!!! So Tamiya/Kyosho wheels, bearings etc will fit.

I managed to source the following missing parts:
-wing wire + mount
-alu wing mount (on shock tower)
-original, unused wheels (2,1')
-TBG repro shell
-original NIP decals and window masks

Thanks for looking! :-)

14th august 2014: Sold for NOK 1500 to my friend Tomas Karlsson in Sweden. It will be his new Nordic Vintage Challenge racer :-)

19th august 2014: Deal cancelled, as he suspects it's not a TRX-1 but rather a Traxxas Eagle LS... need to investigate further...

12th january 2016: And it was... so I sold it on ebay as a TRX-1 / Blue Eagly hybrid for USD 89 to a guy in New Zealand of all places :-)

New body and decals Slim!!! Original ebay ad Fantastic manual!




Love the shell - chassis has so many elements of RC10 - well if you are going to copy/emulate then why not pick the , then, leader



This is a great car. One day I will add one to my collection.



awesome !

my buddy got one of these when they came out, as he was fed up with everyone all racing gold tub RC-10s.

seems like you got it for a decent price too !

Aussie Top Force


Nice find! Very competitive car back in the day. Excellent vintage racer today!



Very cool retro racer! Love these old vintage classics mate they seem so simple but have a design that's so well tuned! Great stuff! and agree the drive shafts look ace!



Really cool vintage racer...would love to see it on a track against the competition.



And it turned out to be too good to be true... It's in fact NOT a TRX-1, but a Traxxas Eagle LS... (a truck)

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