Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 10-Apr-2012
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Good evening,
With the release of the Optima Mini Z buggy, I stepped into a new realm for me. I had seen those Mini Z touring cars from afar in LHS, but never really paid attention. The small Optima changed all that.
I bought one and had so much fun with it in my living room that I went further and discovered the rest of the range.
This one is the 2WD monster truck. It is so much fun to run and thanks to the scale, you don't need a lot of space to enjoy it. This particular model is fully optionned with GPM alloy parts; of course it is heavier than the stock plastic model (240 grams in plastic vs. 320 in alloy), but it's still very nervous and fast with Kyosho's Xspeed motor.
I really wanted a custom body, so I bought a white scorcherlike shell from Kyosho and applied my favorite paint scheme. I managed to find in my stickers folder some small sponsors and also used some water slide decals; I especially like the 'Baja Bug' on the license plate, which was done letter by letter.
At the bottom of this page, I have put a link to my Sand Scorcher; I haven't seen it since I finished this Mini Z monster, and I can't wait to put them side by side!

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Awesome, Lovely mini-z monster!!



Very cool little machine, makes me kinda wish I had kept my mini cars years ago



Very nice, your work is inspiring to me!






Love it!!!

Look great in Scorcher box art!!



So very cool! Everyone should have a mini-me.. Brilliant!!

Road Burner


I too love the mini-z lineup, every so often I run my monster in the living room.

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