Model: (Click to see more) 58327: Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo.II AMG
Status: New built
Date: 5-Apr-2020
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Another car I've been wanting to do for some time is the first of the four 190Es. As with so may others this is one I had the body set for but was busy with commissions. Also like many others I knew at some point I'd get asked to built if for someone and that someone was huge 190E fan Chris.

The Base build
This body is notable because It's the oldest on-road body I've built, and technically Tamiya's first touring car, in that it's their first model based on an actual touring car. In common with a few other re-re bodies, this is an undrilled version sold as a spare part. All the kit supplied 190E bodies are drilled. Unusually, there are not even the dimples to show where to make the holes, or any markings for the oval holes on the rear screen.

Painting was relatively simple. The manual says to apply certain stickers first then mask the black to silver transition. I didn't want to do that so painted it first. The body has faint lines to show you where to mask so I'm not quite sure why the manual tells you do sticker first. It's possibly something Tamiya only added in a later moulding (I used the manual for the 1992 release to build this). The trickiest part is the grille. I used the same method I did for the Volvo 850 - paint the whole thing black then use Tamiya Polycarbonate cleaner to remove the black from the chrome surround. The painting directions show the black on the rear panel stopping just past the number plate area, but it actually continues until it meets the rear bumper. I'd already painted when Chris pointed this out, but a strip of glossy black vinyl soon fixed it.

This body has a reputation for being difficult to sticker and after applying the first few I was beginning to see why. Nothing would line up and every sticker seemed a couple of mm too short. It got to the point where I couldn't see how anyone had managed to do a proper job, but I was looking at photos of other 190Es and they looked fine. It was almost like my sticker set was printed undersized. I figured this was unlikely but humoured myself and checked a second set I had. Sure enough they differed in size. The DEKRA door number panels were about 1.5mm narrower, and the long red pinstripes that cover the bottom of the doors were 6mm or so longer. I reapplied the stickers with the second set and they fitted perfectly. A little tricky to get everything aligned but not as hard as I had feared.

After consulting many reference photos I altered the sticker scheme a little - the Bridgestone logo on the rear bumper is higher up on the real car, and there should be a matching ITC plate on the rear rather than the AMG logo.

I added usual enhancements plus a few new bits including the front splitter. I made this by cementing together layers of 0.5mm styrene then sanding the edges round. The stabilising struts are 1mm styrene bar fitted through drilled holes in the splitter and body. The oval exhaust was tricky to replicate and I wasn't sure how I was going to do this until I found an ABC hobby backbox that was the correct size oval. It just needed two holes drilling from the normally blank end. It's not quite correct as the pipes should be recessed but it's as close as I could manage. The kit supplied mirrors are not correct for this car, they should be a more angular 'race'        style with thin stalks. I made these by modifying some Suzuki SX4 items and making new stalks and base plates from styrene. They're a little larger than they should be, but close enough.

The instructions show the stickers applied over the door handles, but this isn't how the real car is so I trimmed around them and added matte black vinyl handles. As this is a black car, Tamiya don't include any window trim stickers, and the pinstriping overlaps them so they're just part of the main stickers. I added matte black vinyl trim to the front and rear windows .

When I bought the body years ago I wasn't sure how I was going to do the lights. Handily, by putting it off for so long Tamico had created a set of front and rear light buckets specifically for the 190E. These are 3D printed so are dull grey, but a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen took care of that. I fitted dummy LEDs which were also painted chrome. Light texture stickers from Wrap-up Next are installed front and rear. To avoid the crystal clear look for the rear lights I made some specially treated inserts.

Wheels and tyres
These are the standard kit items with the wheels painted silver. I didn't use the glossy Bridgestone tyre stickers from the kit, instead I had them reprinted on matte vinyl for a more realistic look. Previously I cut these from vinyl but the printed versions are a lot less fiddly to fit. The wheel nuts are titanium ones which match the real car's better than the standard silver items.

One of the best things about this re-re is that the sticker sheet is unchanged from the original so it has the interior stickers (unlike the Diebels Alt re-re). Tamiya usually only include a few of the actual sponsors for the real car so I augmented the kit ones with additional custom printed logos for Coca-Cola, Shell, Bridgestone and West in the alternative 'East' branding. I also added the board with the driver info on it.

I supplemented the lone Bridgestone logo on the helmet with the correct additional ones. The visor is made from thin lexan. I learnt that if it's too thick it tends to stress crack when bent into a curved shape.

Chris supplied a Hopped-up TT-01 chassis from his 190E kit. This has the adjustable upper arms so I was able to get the camber correct for the proper DTM look. I did need to perform some surgery on the front arms as the range of adjustment was insufficient for the amount I needed. I also modified the rear uprights to shorten the wheelbase slightly. Even though they are barely visible, I fitted a set of the Brembo brake discs and callipers.

- Titanium wheel nuts
- Wheels painted silver
- Tamico 3D printed light buckets
- Dummy LEDs painted chrome
- Wrap-up Next texture stickers
- Correct Bridgestone logo placement on rear bumper
- ITR plate on rear instead of box art AMG logo
- ITR plates mounted on styrene
- Additional sponsor logos for driver suit and helmet
- Helmet visor
- Driver info plate
- Bonnet and boot pins (styrene)
- Front splitter and support struts (styrene)
- Modified ABC Hobby exhaust
- More accurate door mirrors (styrene modified Suzuki SX4 WRC)
- Mirror chrome vinyl for door mirrors
- Rear view mirror (3d printed)
- Towing eyes
- Light trims
- Stickers cut around door handles
- Rear panel extended black section
- Matte black door handles
- Matte black window trims
- Wiper (Lancia 037)
- Rear window heater elements
- Styrene discs on front bumper
- Roof transponder dome
- Antennas
- Air jacks (styrene)
- Cut out front bumper vents
- Body lines
- Matte printed tyre logos
- Tyre F/R R/L notes
- Steering wheel Momo logo
- Styrene roll cage
- Rear window heater elements

- 53497 Hop-up TT-01 Ball Bearing Set
- 53674 Hop-up Adjustable upper Arm Set
- 54026 Hop-up TT-01 Aluminum Propeller Joint & Shaft Set
- 53864 Hop-up TT-01 Aluminum Steering Link
- 53670 TT-01 Aluminum Racing Steering Set
- 42102 TRF Special Damper (Hard Black Coating)
- 53068 Sport Tuned (black can) motor
- Tamiya TSU-03 servo
- Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC fitted with Deans connector
- Modified upper arms to increase negative camber
- Modified rear uprights to slightly shorten wheelbase
- 5mm wheel spacers all round

9 Chassis is the kit TT-01 8 Rear lights painted clear rather than solid 7 Wheelbase slightly corrected 4 Custom made mirrors 3 Towing eye and repositioned Bridgestone logo 3 Styrene roll cage 4 Roof antennas and transponder 3 Titanium wheel nuts 2 Modified ABC Hobby exhaust 3 Styrene splitter and supports 7 Driver helmet visor 8 Additional driver sponsor logos 6 Appropriate amount of camber




another excellent job!



Simply stunning- you are the master.Always enjoy seeing you post a new model up..



Looks so scale- amazing!!! I love all the small details that you added and the attention even to the right amount of camber!



Not bad l surpose! I have seen better......but just can't remember when or where right now!!

1st Class mate!



Awesome. puts my work to shame. Which will be posted up soon!



Your passion for details continous to amaze me. Another fantastic build, well done.



Looks insanely good!






Wow! I built one of these kits box-stock back in 1992, Man does this bring back some memories, I wish mine from back then looked this good!! A+++



Best 190E I have seen! more detailed than the M3 imo.


Lovely as usual. I think I have a couple of these non drilled bodies hiding in a box somewhere. Found them in Germany a couple years ago.



Well just goes to show TT01's aren't so dull after all are they?
Another surgically precise masterpiece.



Wow! Great work!!!


That is stunning...if you don’t mind being asked, what do they cost on average?






If I were not told differently, I would have thought I was looking at the real car and driver. You've got skills. I have a Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II still in the box kit with TT-01 type-E chassis. You have given me inspiration for my next project. I'm going to use your work as my benchmark. I'll post it if I get close. Great work!!!

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