Model: (Click to see more) 58418: The Boomerang
Status: NIB
Date: 18-Sep-2019
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My second Tamiya build, another rerelease, this time the Boomerang. I picked up loads of tips and inspiration from the forums here and decided to buy a load of upgrade parts before I started and do a blended build, part kit and part upgrades and hop ups. Primary changes were fully brushless, the four shock Bigwig-style conversion, and the Team Martini Racing livery inspired by that beautiful Williams F1 car a few years back.

Full list of non-kit parts:

Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX10 3652SL ESC and 4000KV Brushless Motor
Jazrider Black Aluminium Front Upright Knuckle Arm for Tamiya TA01/DF01
Carbon fibre rear shock tower (eBay seller)
RW Racing RW3200 32DP 15T Steel Pinion
Tamiya 54628 08 Module Steel Pinion Gear (17T)
Tamiya 54002 Bearing Set
Tamiya 53791 DF-02 Assembly Universal Shafts (all round)
Tamiya 53570 4mm Clamp Type Aluminium Wheel Hubs
Tamiya 53926 DF02 Damper Set
Tamiya 9004402 Bigwig F Parts
Tamiya 10005257 Bigwig C Parts
Tamiya 9808130 Steel Propeller Joints
Tamiya 54501 Aluminium Propeller Shaft
Tamiya 53642 Aluminium 5mm Ball Connectors
Tamiya 54155 3mm Aluminium Lock Nuts
Tamiya 54642 4mm Flange Lock Nuts (black / blue)
Tamiya 50583 3x15mm Tapping Screws
Tamiya 9805755 3x22mm screw pins (for the lower front arms, to attach the front shocks)
JC Racing Products Kyosho Optima Pepper Pot Wheels (Blue)
CRP 1650 Hotshot A-Arm Stabilizer
Absima 2440019 / 2440018 Blue Body Clips (small / medium)

There's a build thread here

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Looks ready to rumble!! Great job!



Great work! I'm beginning to develop a new found love for Boomerangs!



Thanks for the feedback guys! I do love the lines of the Boomerang, it lends itself well to this F1 tribute. Looking forward to taking it out for a spin, though might consider another shell with a more generic paint job first!!



Looks ace, are they original “pepper pot” wheels? Fantastic job



Thanks! I bought the wheels brand new from Modelsport a few weeks back, so I doubt they're original...although I guess that depends how far back you're going!! Slight hitch is that they have quite a thick hub, so in combination with the 6mm Tamiya Locking Hex Hubs, there's insufficient axle thread available for the locking wheel nuts to properly bind. One of the rear wheels fell off while I was setting up the ESC, thankfully on a pit stand!! So I've tracked down some 4mm Tamiya Clamp Hex Hubs on eBay and am waiting for them to wend their way from Hong Kong....






That is one lovely Boomer, ready to race chap. Ive got Df03 shocks on mine, they are brilliant. Really nice work mate!



Very nice boomerang. Nice to see another one up and running!



Looks great !



Gorgeous! (although one of your rear tyres is facing the wrong way ??)



Cheers! And yes, clocked that this afternoon when putting the thinner hex hubs on, all sorted now!

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