Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Project
Date: 9-Nov-2019
Comments: 3
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Hi all here's my winter project no1 a rc 10 I had the opportunity to acquire one so here she is all finished she's had the full treatment a full strip down everything cleaned and re greased I like to keep my models as original as possible this one was definitely raced back in the day the underside of the chassis proves that!!,
Haven't a clue which body is on it as that came with the car so I sprayed it ps52 anodised champagne gold backed with ps5 followed by high gloss MCI decals looks great enjoy the pics,
Winter project no2 is a yokomo super dogfighter I'll get cracking on that shortly!!

Nice solid buggy!! 1 Go Team U.S.A!!! 3 Nice colour !! 2 Quality MCI decals!! 1 Any ideas on that bodyshell!! 3 Novak time!! 1 The body that came with the chassis!! A stamp light gold chassis!! 2 6 speed refurb!! 1 Parma motor!! 1 All original!! 1 Dynamite!! 2 We can rebuild her!! 2 Wash time I think!! 2 Here's the battle scars!! 2 Ta da!!




Very nice! Such a classic buggy! Must be lovely to work on? I would love to find out!



Pretty sure that’s a Viper body, as was used on later model CE versions. I built my classic using a Viper as well. My Early Edinger has a Protech (Original shape) body. Every enthusiast needs a gold pan RC10 in their collection I feel, they changed the face of RC electric off road racing, and stand as the undisputed king in the category. Great job on this



Very cool!

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