Model: (Click to see more) 58546: Lunchbox Black Edition
Status: Runner
Date: 29-Mar-2020
Comments: 1
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Not sure why I have never owned one of these in the past. Some whiskey fuelled eBaying had me pick this up at a good price. Fun build and a joy to run. Powered by a Tamiya Super TZ motor and 2S LiPo. More than fast enough and wheelies with ease. Have fitting a full set of Tamiya CVA shocks and done the 5th shock mod. The Lunchy will see plenty of run time.

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Cool the LB is a classic in any form/version and so much fun! I just finished its Brother the Midnight pumpkin and can't wait to hit the beach l think every collection has to have a LB or MP or both in it! Both have so much going for them... Cool looks, tough, reliable, cheaper parts, nostalgic, and most all FUN!!!!!!
Yours looks great mate and l think too much power through these defeats the object so a nice balance with the TZ motor and 2s!

I have gone with a 15t motor but with a Vax 5000 NiMH pack should be cool only tested it indoors at present and it pulls wheelies at a snap! I think too fast it takes the fun out of it! If l wanted a Rocket l would buy one lol. Anyway take care buddy and have fun cheers James.

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