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Status: Project
Date: 23-Sep-2020
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Hello fellow TC'ers - Its been a long time for me since having a chance to post up. Crazy summer, lots going on but still fortunate to have my health and employment so I cannot complain at all. R/C has been a bit on the backburner for builds this summer but recently I have been playing around with a new project, got out the knife and started cutting up a VW van body to drop over an older M-02 that I have had laying around for several years now. I am at the painted shell stage but many, many details need to be added yet- the shell still has its protective outer film in place but I have been mocking up wheels and stance, etc. As you can see my workbench needs a good cleaning,,lol. In addition to this I recently did a nice trade with TC member speedy_w_beans for his mint Wheely King project and several other goodies (thanks Paul!). In return he received a nice NIB Kyosho F40 (Ultima based Scale Series kit) from waaay back that I have had for a bit. He is a big fan of the F40.

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Nice work on the VW!



I like that VW a lot - great conversion!



Very nice T1 pickup, stance looks spot on IMO. How about a wooden floor in the back?



Top idea! Love it!



So cool project Scollins,
it is ashame that Tamiya does not bring us some more body versions of the T1, or even a later baywindow. Those shells would sell like mad with all the Busfans nowadays. Totally like the stance with the HPI rims, very cool choice!
And also seeing you in Corona times with the monster in the garden, just reminds me of me and my Monster Beetle during lockdown. We all should have done such a pic for posting it in TC.
Kind regards,



Love the VW. What glue did you use to fix the plasticard to the lexan?



@Busdriver- I did not glue it in but used 90 degree angled brackets in several locations and double-side taped it in place, followed by a layer of Gorilla tape on the outside of that seam , inside the shell.



Your VW looks great already, but I look forward to seeing all the other little details you're going to add to it!

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