Model: (Click to see more) 58005: Lamborghini Countach LP500S
Status: New built
Date: 29-Oct-2020
Comments: 6
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Long time I posted something here.
Not a chill built this one, no second chance to glue the big windows :)
Pictures will tell more.

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very nice work there on the Countach!



This obviously requires some serious skills to get it finished like this, great job. Nice cabinet to enjoy the end result, did you fabricate that yourself?

pcw 064


Yes, much easier than the Lambo.
Just take 2 multiplex woden plates with one 2mm smaller on the total surface, glue them together and paint it with tester.
The plexi was cut on size in a shop for 80€, I glue them together.
It takes 3h and will cost you 120€ with plexi glass



I have done couple of these cars and they are really a challenge to paint and mask.
Yours looks very nice, well done !



Very nice, love the display case, some how the Lambo look 10x more expensive in it



What a fantastic standard of finished you've achieved. It looks more like a static model than an RC car. I wish Tamiya still made RC kits like this for those of us who would be prepared to drive them gently enough not to break them, and just enjoy the incredible realism in motion.

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