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Status: Project
Date: 29-Oct-2020
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Willy's been a bit over-enthusiastic recently and his TLB (tiny little box) collection has grown considerably. His man-cave/ mini model shop/ whatever it is was jam-packed and so he decided to move to larger premises.

When you've got a lot of stuff to move, it's always handy if you have a mate with a truck, preferably a very large truck! Fortunately, one of Willy's friends came to the rescue.

So now he's all settled in his new place. Lots more room to display his collection, and to display them properly - face out so all that lovely Tamiya artwork isn't hidden away.

There's even room for a small workbench. But Willy isn't keen on actually working so he'll probably just use it to show off any new boxes he gets!

If you've got this far - thank you for putting up with my nonsense (again)!!
Hope you like the pics,

11 9 Old man-cave is getting over crowded! 5 6 New place found 5 a truck would be handy... 6 5 Sorted!! 9 3 6 3 6 3 5

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Congrats on the new mini model shop, not the greatest of times to open a new shop but hey: No Guts, No Glory!

pcw 064


Love it, do you need special microscope to build them all
Brilliant idea



Iol brilliant Rob Willy really has gone mad with his collection! He has an awesome collection now, Mad-Bee would love to have a day there!
Cool to see James & Glenn getting a plug too!
You must of spent many many hours doing these little boxes mate. Nice bit of fun Rob it made me smile and we could all do with as much fun as we can get right now in these very tough times!
Cheers buddy.



Thank you guys, you're very kind.
You're right, it's probably not the best time to start a new business but Willy's an optimistic little chap! And thankfully no microscopes needed!

Yup, Willy has gone a bit mad with it all but like you said, it's a bit of fun. Glenn and James both help and inspire so respect where it's due.
And yes, a lot of hours building Willy's collection, almost become a hobby-within-a-hobby - building the shop was the quick and easy part!
But Willy intends to expand his collection so I'd better get back to work!!

Thanks again,

No Slack


At last, a shop with good stock. Opening hours?



Amazing diorama...straight into my favorites......looooove it!! Which one is he starting to build first??



wow!! )



Mega Mini Masterpiece, brilliant work!!
It would be awesome to see some of those kits in 1:1 at the local hobby shop again.

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