Model: (Click to see more) 58256: Juggernaut 2
Status: NIB
Date: 21-Nov-2020
Comments: 4
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My parents gave me money for my 30th birthday back in 2003 and so I bought this! I remember it being hard to find one of these in any model shops as it had been discontinued in 2002, but eventually I found one, I remember paying    £275 for it.
15+ years later and I've not got around to building it yet so it continues to look pretty in it's box for now. I will build it at some stage but until then, I'll keep debating whether I should go box art or something different.
Thought I'd get it added to the showroom and take a few pics of the box etc.

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Love that it’s lasted so many years NIB in your possession, I think it will make the build even more satisfying when you get to it



Impressive! Keeping this boxed so long. It’s an awesome machine, love it!



Look forward to seeing it built, great looking trucks. Enjoy the build!



Great time capsule! Very rare to see these NIB. I think the longer you keep it that way the tougher it will be to eventually build it. However, if you do finally gain the courage to build it please do it proper justice with a box-art livery.

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