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Status: Runner
Date: 14-Jan-2021
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This is my Axial SMT10 Thunder Chicken tribute. The original truck was semi-local to me when I was a kid and it's always been one of my favorites. This is basically my interpretation of what it would look like if there was a more modern version as the original was a Stage 1 leaf spring truck.

It's basically a stock SMT10, only real upgrade are front & rear RC Designs sway bars. Running open front diff with locked rear, and an SSD centered rear axle housing. Power comes from a Castle 4600kv brushless system, it goes pretty good on 3S. Wheels are RC4WD Ignitor beadlocks weareing Proline Decimator tires. Body is an 88 Chevy Snoop Nose from JConcepts and decals are from MCI Racing. The body in the last few pictures with the weird pink graphics was a mess-up paint wise so using it as a runner/basher body.

It's definitely one of the more comically named Stage 1 trucks from the 80s, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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Amazing how much better the Thunder Chicken looks, especially being identical apart from the decals.



Yea, I agree. It was going to be the Chicken all along but I rushed the first paint job and painted when it was too cold so using the other body as a runner. Came out great in the end when I got the Chicken body painted properly.



Cool nothing Chicken about this Monster!!

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