Model: (Click to see more) 58085: Avante 2001
Status: New built
Date: 26-Jan-2021
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Fed up of waiting for the rere and tired old cars on eBay so I thought I would make a replica myself
I started with a vajra and bought fibrelyte egress chassis plates
front and rear towers in both carbon and frp aa I am considering getting an frp cahssis set produced but modern frp has a plain matte black finish which is in contrast to the nice carbon weave effect on original 2001 plates. I'm not sure why the frp has this pattern in the old cars
The car has the ball diffs with both torque splitter and centre solid diff options for tuning
I used the mini black cva big note shocks from the vajra but added the correct tapered springs and cups from my vqs kit
I had custom 3D printed 2001 wheels made and have 4 wide as per original but also had 2 narrower fronts made. The proper stud spike tyres actually fit very well on both types
I will probably use this car for a bit before I sell it on to do new projects so I fitted the alloy party front bulkhead and yeah racing front and rear hubs although the rear yeah hubs do require a fair bit of shimming the take up the play
Tbg shell with mc1 decals
I have learnt making this that the vqs/ vanquish kit is a much better candidate for making a 2001 as it shares very many parts such as brass bushing rod and shocks mounting
Gear diff set up and practically the same shocks although in yellow not black but can be dyed black.
I may change this car over to an egress and redo the 2001 on a vqs kit with frp or carbon plates
Is also found a nifty little driver head for Avante drivers !..
I have now fitted custom cam locks with the 30 years of being nuts logo on them . Fantastic item. I have painted up a black special driver figure which goes well with the grey theme . Tamiya bz motor fitted but this will changed for a higher wind to suit my finespec combined Esc and reciever radio system for the neatest install.

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