Model: (Click to see more) 58591: Renault Alpine A110 '71
Status: NIB
Date: 3-Mar-2021
Comments: 3
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One of the best looking cars ever built, looks to match any Italian sports car of the era! I have had many Renaults in my younger days so have a soft spot for them, and this one was just too good to pass up! I will be updating this as I build it, but for now enjoy the box and the contents lol.

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Hope you will enjoy that.... I just built one of these bodies on the original M02 chassis... takes some time to get it right, but the results can be stunning!



This and the Karmann Ghia are the best looking bodies for the M06 chassis IMO. Have fun building. I build and upgraded an M05 and I think these are lovely little cars, very compact but not hard to work on.



Yeah beautiful shape!

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