Model: (Click to see more) 58539: Fast Attack Vehicle - w/Shark Mouth
Status: NIB
Date: 4-Mar-2021
Comments: 4
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The FAV is another one of Tamiyas classics & the shark mouth adds a nice touch in my opinion. Bought from another TCer who included the hop up alu shocks that come with longer front pillars, part B29 from the Wild One.

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Very cool mate,



Nice find. I would defintely get one of these if they would re-release it. I imagine it the ultimate base for a civil version baja build. Strange how this has grown on me, as a kid I couldn't understand why they kept selling these after they made the Wild One. Now I would prefer this one over the Wild One.



Awesome kit, hope you enjoy the build, do you have any other upgrades in mind for it ?

hot rod


Nice buggy and the fast attack is a favourite of mine, have 3 originals and 3 re release versions. Actually prefer the shark mouth re re based on the silver plastics used and those eye catching decals. Managed to get another to keep boxed a while back so can enjoy the other as my runner. Love it

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