Model: (Click to see more) 99985: Yokomo
Status: Runner
Date: 4-May-2021
Comments: 2
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This was the last line of belt drives for the outstanding manufacturer Yokomo before it caved in to shaft drives. I think Schumacher is the last man standing in that department. This was a local purchase that was going cheap and was responsible for me to consider collecting RC's once again. I would love to get a shot at racing this at our local track some day. I'm sure it can pull some great performances. I have nothing but fond memories of racing Yokomo cars, Only the 91 and 93 were the buggies I had the privilege of racing. They are just made to do one thing and one thing only. RACE!! I can't imagine this being anything less. I will find out soon enough, sometime this year. I will follow it up with a drive and updated comments. In the mean time, let's enjoy the beauty and precision innovative engineering at it's finest.

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I'm not a forward cab design fan at all but the paintjob on this one is just epic! Must be a dream to handle at the track.



I agree and tbh, I really wasn't counting on buying this until I noticed Yokomo stopped making this and yeah the charming shell is what pushed me over.

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