Model: (Click to see more) 44014: TG10-Mk.1 Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 11-Aug-2022
Comments: 8
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Hi everyone.

I had a great time building this car. Next to the Audi S1, the Lancia delta S4 is without a doubt one of the most iconic Group B cars ever. The body shell is from The Rally Legends. A big thank you to Game Mania in Italy for sending the body over. Again took some liberties of variants I have seen. The more I studied this car I realized it truly was a Frankenstein monster.. I wanted to do this as a little tribute to Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto. (Name decals still in the works). That tragically lost their lives in this car in 1986. It was of course the final blow to the Group B era.

I always loved it's silhouette of the rear bumper missing. I learned it was removed as it collected a lot of dirt and they just opted to leave it off. Hardly any regulations, so why not!

Hope you enjoy,

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Well, you've gone and done it again! Absolutely stunning! Another one in my favourites!



Awesome car Mate, love the custom exhaust



Hi, I love this and in particular the small details that make all the difference.

Would love to know more about your background as your skills are top notch and are more akin to static models



Hello Beauty! I still remember vividly Toivonen' s crash. IT was indeed the final blow to group B. Again amazing body detail. Love it!



2nd entry and boom what a beauty!!!!



It's absolutely gorgeous. So well done, congrats on your beautiful work. The body itself is amazing, with top notch detailing. Great tribute to the S4 and its main protagonists.



Thank you everyone for the kind words, means a lot.

Addicted: Thank you, I haven't touched a rc car in years. I do work in the arts so that's probably why.
The cars are being driven, and soon to be featured in a little short film video.

MAD-BEE: Thank you!

lupogtiboy: I am honored!



Really nice - i can look at them for hours..... Greetings J├╝rgen

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