Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 15-Aug-2022
Comments: 4
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This one was an incredibly lucky find.
It's a Spital Trial-12 but this one is branded as a Tenco Trial-12. It's never had the electronics fitted. I was going to just leave it alone as there couldn't be many unused examples left, but I changed my mind after a while and painted the body. The interior was missing so I made my own using a Monster Beetle driver figure.
I've also posted the NIB photos up in my showroom if you're interested in having a look.
Also if you would like to know more about these lovely buggies there is a great post on the Tamiya Base Forum
And also some right here on Tamiya club.

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That's awesome MP! Driver figure too!!

Max Power


Thanks Mad Bee.



Great work on this one, especially the driver figure! This is the first one of these I have seen. They do have an appeal to them, fully built.

Max Power


Thanks Grastens, this one will never be used, but it looks like Spital made a considerable effort to bring a high quality buggy to the RC market.

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