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Status: Restored
Date: 28-Sep-2022
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Here are some of unique chassis. I will update more details later.

1. K's factory KC-F01 chassis. One of the super rare kit from japan.
2. TRG118AN -
3. TRG111 -
4. Tech Racing V2012. It's really over engineered, think was the last of it's model before it closed.
5. Tech Racing F125, got a few version of these with carbon, what is unique about this is the full body with under tray.
6. Street Jam SJF01 with independent rear dampers, share similar parts with speed passion SP1 and VBC racing flash04 which I have them both in NIB.
7. Sakura/3Racing F118

k's factory KF-01 TRG F118AN TRG F111 Tech Racing V2012 Tech racing F125 Street Jam SF01 Sakura F113

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