Model: (Click to see more) 84109: TB-03R Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 29-Sep-2022
Comments: 3
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Tamiya TB03 TRF tuned..
My favourite Chassis for Tamiyacup racing with gear diffs from TB04

40Races in 5 saisons: 4 (2022), 6 (2021), 9 (2020), 11 (2019), 10 (2018)

1x Champion (2019)
2x Runner-up (2020,2021)
1x Overall 3rd (2018)

16x P1, 8x P2, 6x P3 and 17x TQ

I really love this Chassis.

Never changed those bevel gears and ring gears. They still work perfectly.

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Wow Miga, very impressive TB03! Also one of my favorite Onroad chassis. I still have 2 TB03 R, one currently restoring for Club outdoor racing, one coverted over the years to Exotek 6 spec. Any chance you´ll give us some setup secrets and some more photos of your mods? I spooted carbon steering knuckles! And you use TB04 gear diffs front and rear, or spool in front? Great body, too, Can feel the raing addiction on this. Bring on the competition in 2022! Keep it running, Matthias



Thanks for Nixe comment.. i'll post some setup here later. Yes i'm Using a Spool. .



Did I spot a 420 suspension upgrade kit?

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