Model: (Click to see more) 58097: Super Astute
Status: Runner
Date: 29-Sep-2022
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Lets start at the beginning, I bought a ReRe super astute.
I took it to bits and did the same to my original super astute racer.
I then fitted all the New ReRe plastic parts to my super astute racer.
Then I fitted all the old plastics to this.
I've had this Longer carbon chassis for like 20 years, I bought it off eBay.
I had Nick walker make me some matching carbon towers for it using the original ones from Fibre-Lyte as a template.
I upgraded the slipper clutch to the new ReRe one because it works far better.
I found some TA04 alloy steering arms and fitted a set of the ReRe top force shocks and square springs.
I went with some Black knuckles that I think are F1 type ones that are stepped back that limit the travel so the wheels don't hit the wishbones with the alloy steering.
I then fitted the Traxxas wheels that work best for racing tires and will find a way to fit the Asterion body to it.
I also made some UJ's and then put them on the Dyna storm so I can use TRF wheels.

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