Model: (Click to see more) 99996: Radio Gear
Status: Other
Date: 1-Oct-2022
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Got this Novak ESC with a project I bought the other day. Anyone know what type this is?
There are no other labels on it.
I have never owned a Novak before.

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Can't help mate never had any Novak stuff either there is some stuff about them on the net but must admit Novak is a brand l know little about, plus back in the day l was all MSC back then for much longer than l should of lol and finally l got my first ESC it was a silver Futaba l put in my Fox and had to cut out a hole in the chassis to fit this pretty silver brick lol..
MC108 or FP-MC8 or something like it l can't remember now but it was a big silver brick of a thing but l thought it was a Super cool though!
Nice example of a Novak buddy looks fantastic and do love the colour choices on these. They pop! Retro cool! Does it work? Ideal for old school shelf queen if its dead! Looks great!



You are absolutely right James, I remember back when we read Radio Controlled Car Action magazines in the 80's and 90's, it was Novak ESC's that were in all the cars!
My first ESC was a Futaba MC116, it was smaller than a servo.
I think I bought it in the late 80's.



Here you go. [Click here]
I have the Super Rooster after 30 years still works fantastic.

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