Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 28-Jan-2023
Comments: 3
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One of the first in the USA to get one?

Found this for sale at RC Mart last week. Their website was showing only one available. I couldn't believe I stumbled across this option to be one of the first. So I pulled the trigger. Arrived today from HK and all my hop-ups have been trickling in. I plan to tear the car down to the chassis and rebuild it as a full option Fazer. The only parts not being added at this moment are some pillow balls, the aluminum heat sink, and the aluminum hexes. I will grab the hexes soon. Also pulling the motor and ESC for a Hobbywing 120amp sensored unit with the Hobbywing 3560 8.5T motor.

The 240z shell is stunning. I will update this with more pics once it's done.

FAW205 Front Hub
FAW206 Rear Hub
FAW222 Carbon front shock stay
FAW223 Carbon rear shock stay
FAW209 Center shaft
FAW226 Carbon bumper support
FAW225 Aluminum shock set
FAW202 Universal shaft (front only)
FAW207 Differential shafts (hard)
FAW208 Stabilizer set
FAW211 Front center shaft cup
FAW212 Rear center shaft cup
FAW214 Metal servo saver set
FAW217 Motor mount
FAW219 HD steering balls
VS001-01 Differential gaskets (diffs were filled with oil; 7k rear, 50k front)
Exotek Fan Mount Clamp (#1718BLK)
Yokomo Hyper 30mm Cooling Fan
37T pinion gear
Removed stock servo mount/cover in favor of aluminum Tamiya servo mounts. Precision cut and shaped the front brace to mount the receiver directly on top of the servo.





Stunning bodyset!



I love the Fazer series chassis. I don't own one but this stunning 240z variant may have to change that! I look forward to seeing it when finished. Great choice!



Such an iconic car!

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