Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Project
Date: 18-Sep-2023
Comments: 3
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Local pickups don't always have to be bad.
All this came together as a lot, and for quite a reasonable price, in my opinion. Some good points:
- Nice ASSociated 1:12 chassis, with a couple of bodies, and another 1:12 chassis.
- A Holiday Buggy, in basic condition, but seems mostly there, apart from the roof and rear section, and bumpers. Some AA batteries have gone off in the battery area, so that looks yuk... and as for why there are front tyres on the rear.... um......
- Some nice Futaba radio gear, including a very nice high spec FP-T3PG-E transmitter, and some S32 servos.
- A couple of 'toy' grade cars, including a very nice R5 Turbo.

Going to take a moment to work out what to do with this lot....

All laid out 2 Interesting collection of vehicles 1 Fair vintage haul. 1 1:12 racers Holiday Buggy With Kraft radio Might be a good project, for someone with skills. Interesting Futaba booty The toys R5 is the standout In great condition, considering it's age. How it arrived




a nice find! I have 1 front tire/ rim for the Holiday Buggy if you want me to send to you, and 2 rear ones as well. I won't ever use them.



You're a champ, mate

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