Model: (Click to see more) 99961: HPI
Status: Project
Date: 19-Nov-2023
Comments: 2
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1/8 scale 6s lipo electric buggy.
After buying a brand new Vorza flux HP when HPI rere their buggy they discontinued it, relaunching it with new tweaks etc.
I wanted a runner and nearly bought another NIB but then I saw this used runner for half the price of a nib plus many new parts to rebuild it with....

New chassis
New (ish) wheels and tyres (slightly used)
New battery department
New shock cover top protectors
Drive shafts.
Alloy rear hubs (installed)
Alloy front hubs (installed)
Uprated 20t pinion and spur (installed)
I have also found new screw set and motor mount

After running it for nearly a year I've decided to rebuild it over the winter and finally now got around to uploading.

UPDATE 23/11/2023
Started strip down, some bent screws, rusty bearings and dirty parts....

Last owner taped over chassis Dirty Rusty bearing

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Vorza flux buggy 1/8




Looks like you have had a lot of fun from this!



Well...most of this fun was enjoyed by the previous owner over the last five years, I've just finished it off

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