Model: (Click to see more) 99961: HPI
Status: Project
Date: 2-Apr-2024
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Picked up another 2s brushless 1/16 slyder for a project to run at 3s.

Apparently the stock 2s setup will manage 3s but in short bursts.

selected the stadium truck variant because of the lower body stance

Parts list so far
2x Blackzon 540073 slyder oil shocks pk of 2, these are essential, stock friction shocks not good for brushless

2x FTX9778 slyder metal diff gears
FTX9780 slyder front metal universals
FTX9782 slyder rear metal axles
FTX9777 slyder metal spur gear
FTX9779 slyder metal diff outdrives
FTX9776 slyder metal centre prop shaft

Stock is fine for 2s Lipo brushless but the above upgrades essential to attempt 3s for durability.

UPDATE 11/04/2024
3s combo arrived, still waiting on pinion

UPDATE 13/04/2024
Pinion arrived and installed
Body raised to clear the raised esc
Next step is to start testing

Esc raised because the steering arm rubs 3s battery just a bit too big Larger motor arrived, need a new pinion

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