Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Restored
Date: 15-Dec-2018
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Hi all here's my comp entry!!! Thinking Outside the 'box' sand scorchers Well this is what started my whole obsession with tamiya the iconic sand scorcher I can still remember back to the early 80's I had a Subaru brat and my friend had a sand scorcher which took him and his dad 2 weeks to complete!! The sight of the scorcher going up dirt banks and jumps will stick with me forever they were happy days!!!! Needless to say later in life kids and what not when my son was old enough I decided to get a scorcher as a project,together we rebuilt it and it was a runner but so much work and effort went into it plus it looked stunning I couldn't bring myself to run it!! Don't worry my son got a FAV to build so he was happy!!! And there started my amazing tamiya journey,
So here's my scorcher collection now I love doing the bodywork as it gets your imagination flowing and your modelling skills finely tuned,
So these are my outside the box scorchers there's some stunners in there God only knows how many hours went into restoring and detailing them they are a true classic enjoy the pic and a merry Christmas to everyone on the club cheers Steve.


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