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Date: 27-Dec-2018
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So what do boxes mean to me and why are they special.

It's the unboxing of the kit you've waited 20-30 years to be re-released.
it's the receiving of parts to fix that broken part you knew wouldn't survive 4 cells but you had to try anyway.
It's the WTF, what Have I ordered now.
It's the W(hen)TF did I ordered this.
It's the W(hy)TF did I ordered this.
It's the oh crap, two in one day....hmmm I may have to hide these from the GF.
They are what keeps my hobbies ticking and expanding and I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I know that somewhere in the world there is a box with my name on it headed my way.

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and the knowledge that other people, like me, have similar feelings about this…

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