Model: (Click to see more) 57789: XB Levant
Status: NIB
Date: 31-Dec-2018
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This is Tamiya's first foray into the RTR brushless category.
It was a very expensive car, but when I purchased (August '10) it was hugely reduced, more than 50% via tamiya's Ebay account or Tamiya USA's website in Scratch & Dent. It is a great machine, built on a modified, but tough, TB01 chassis with upgraded parts and wider suspension parts from the Dagger chassis I think? It has full bearings, oil filled shocks, metal motor mount, upgraded screws all around, upgraded pinion?, and upgraded drive shafts. I've heard from others it is an extremely good all around basher but watch out for the spur gear as it has no slipper clutch. I have taken mine for a spin several times and it is fast and fun. Otherwise mine is like new and right out of the box. This was my 2nd Levant and I keep it stock. I took the brushless setup out of my first one, and tranferred it to my TA05. A great addition to any collection. Any questions on this rare Tamiya, let me know....

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