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Status: Other
Date: 12-Jul-2020
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This is the most space my Rising Fighter runner has had between it and the Earth since it's birth probably......
It was already on its last legs, chassis split, tyre split on the front all the way around, steering arm bent and the bumper hanging off (which then broke off).
It's now in dire need of a rebuild but will soldier on until winter maybe until repairs are done.

Space like this gives some of the greatest joy but comes with the greatest consequences!

(Thanks to HornetRacer 1971 for capturing the picture from today's run)


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HornetRacer 1971


Very amusing driving this morning......Fun per £, the Rising Fighter is probably 'unequalled' in our wonderful hobby! Such great fun.



Nice one taffer you get my vote for three good reasons! (1st) great timed shot! (2nd) l can see a little bit of the Cornish flag! (3rd) the idea fits the space criteria! Good luck mate, great entry!



Launch Control did a great job on that day!



Driver figure is thinking 'I can see my house from up here'

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