Model: (Click to see more) 58347: Lunchbox
Status: Restored
Date: 29-Oct-2021
Comments: 2
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i had a fully upgraded Lunchbox with 5 cva Shocks, a sport tuned black can and a perfectly done Paint- and Decaljob.
The second time i took it for a Ride outside, it was stolen with my best AM Transmitter and all my Crystals (i had them attatched to the transmitter)....

I was mad, i was full of hate....

But about 2 Month ago i saw a Lunchbox for about  ‚¬ 80,- without any Mods, but with an ugly not so good paintjob and poorly attatched Stickers and 2 Holes for LEDs in the Back.
I got my lunchy back, heated all stickers and pressed them on and popped the bubbles, i installed ball bearings, a black sport tuned, CVAs and a 3d printed Brace.
Also i made a inerior so that it looks a lot better.
For the driver i had a PEZ head with a Dracula Figure.

So here is my Lunchbox.
if you look closely you can see the Dracula and one pumpkinhead on the Bumper he mowed over while he is on a ragedrive to get avange of the perfectly made lunchbox that was stolen.

The Pumkinhead looks amazing in real life i cutted the Eyes and the mouth into a thai eggplant, and it looks very scale ''





Whahoo, scary. Yhat's some pretty nasty trees in the background. Good luck!



Nice one mate!

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