Model: (Click to see more) 58055: The Boomerang
Status: Runner
Date: 29-Dec-2022
Comments: 5
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Unfortunately I can't find any old photos of me with my Boomerang, but to 'show my age' I thought it would be fun to let the next generation drive my first ever RC car that I got in 1986. This is my 10 year old son doing a careful job. I now have a ReRe body shell painted up in box art white for shelf duties which I left on it, as I didn't want to risk my original hand painted black shell getting cracked...just in case! He's not used to stick controllers or MSC's with no brake function, but it's still in one piece, and very special to me that I can pass my interest on.


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The Boomerang




Haha takes me back to my first experience of the Boomerang back in the day! Hey did your son enjoy the experience Phil? Now that's the question or would he of preferred driving an Xmaxx?? lol hopefully the Boomerang surely!!! Great idea mate good luck!



Haha, unfortunately he'd prefer the X-MAXX James!! The bigger and faster the better, but he does appreciate the vintage stuff too and can't believe we had that technology nearly 40 years ago!



For sure a really nice experience for your youngster! He should have been a liitle nervous about this precious car, wasn´t he? But great you gave him the chance!



Very trusting! Greta car and a nice entry, good luck!



Very good idea for the entry!

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