Model: (Click to see more) 99997: Marui
Status: NIB
Date: 31-Dec-2022
Comments: 7
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I have no photos from when I was a kid and my RC cars. There are some things that have changed since I bought my first proper RC car. I have a better budget, and I'd like to think my building skills are better. But the most noticeable is that my eye sight is a lot worse than it use to be! The joys of getting older I guess. At least mistakes are harder to spot these days!





Haha, so true mate, Exactly how I see things these days without “Help”



Sorry but I will be back with my magnifying glass later to see your comp entry l just can't see it!!! Iol what a brilliant idea mate! Great vision you could say! and sadly all too true! Why do you think l love all the pre-done bodyshells that tamiya do nowadays bring them on l say and tamiya pop the decals on while you are at it in the future for us old gits!
I am 50 next june and my eyes are definitely not what they were! Iol takes me days to do tyre lettering now and hurts real bad lol. Great entry!



LOL! Spot on!

I can recommend el cheapo glasses in different strenghts. For very small details it's awesome. Also get a LED lamp with a magnifying glass (watchmaker lamp)



Great entry, clever idea lol



thanks everyone! and today I got my annual eye checkup its new glasses for me, but this time I am trying bi-focals, with a close-up lens.



Ha ha!!! Spot on and I relate to this so much.



Personally I think this entry should have came much higher (It was my first vote). Clever and funny idea which fitted the theme perfectly.

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