Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Project
Date: 31-Dec-2022
Comments: 6
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This entry is for my Dad. It is his original Sand Scorcher he built in 1982 from a new kit! He had problems with an unreliable remote control, and the first 2 drives ended with quite some damage in the front. I was the luckiest kid, when some years later I could convince my Dad to hand it over to me! I always drove it with brain and loved it more than any other RC, although it had to fight against my friend ´s cars in snow and mud. It was always kept in a running condition, man how oldis it and me today! Still have so much memories related to that car! Legendary rides with my friends on special places. And the body was never repainted yet, everything is still my Dads work! Painting also the inside of the body and clear coat really kept this body safe from UV aging. Nose cone is about to be replaced by a new one, the original was too bad after all the years. Slight restoration is planned for this one.
Thanks to my Dad, and all Tamiyaclub members keeping our childhood dreams alive!





Great write up and love the pic of your and your Dads old Scorcher lovely to see the old photos in there Great stuff!



Thank you Mad-Bee! Unfortunately, there are just a handful of pics of these great times in my hands. The one in the middle was taken by my Dad on small lake, where he used to ride his RC boats. So he took me, my little sister and my 2 friends with him. Was also a great place to run RC cars on a small gravel road. So this was a Scorcher task against my mates Falcon and my other mate running his Grasshopper 2.



Awesome story!



Fantastic entry! It's great that you have your dad's Scorcher, and that he passed his interest into you. Nice that you have that history



Thank you so much guys, it´s a real privilege, and I knew it already as kid, that this was not only a toy, but more. I felt responsible to keep it and give it the best treatment possible.



Great story, cool car, priceless memories!

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