Model: (Click to see more) 58007: Lamborghini Cheetah
Status: Extra info
Date: 31-Dec-2022
Comments: 4
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This is the oldest Tamiya model I have, but in the picture you can see the first Tamiya I had.
Williams FW07, it wasn't driven much but I was stupid enough to sell it 35+ years ago...





Great entry l only have one old photo left from back in the day its of my old Boomerang and some trophies! I took loads and loads of mostly out of focus photos back then but all lost over the years! Very special to have one photo of your first tamiya mate! Lovely Cheetah too!



Nice Cheetah! I have two XR311s. And I used to have a Cheetah body kit - I do regret selling it as it would have been great to have both cars

I have some 80s RC pics, but none from racing or the track we built ourselves as kids - I'd sooo like to see that again!



Very nice Cheetah! I have an original XR311 that I'll be posting at some point, but I wish that I had photos from back in the day. Good luck



I have an XR311 re-re that I have to get built one day, just have to say no to everyone who asks me for help with all sorts of things..

Was told I was a Yes man, may have to learn to say no once in a while =)

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