Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 12-Dec-2023
Comments: 9
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Hi guys my entry is all about holding onto the history, charisma and original retro look from back in the day! On occasions l have been asked why do l not repaint or replace this bodyshell on my old Scorcher! Well l say back to them why would l want to remove the story, history and charisma this bodyshell is showing us and has earned over the years! When you think about it someone painted this full of excitement in probably around 1979/80 at a guess its fantastic! Yes l did clean and tidy it up and added a few new parts but the basic paint job is all there as original as it was! I do have before and after pics in my showroom if interested.
So my twist on alternative paint jobs is the original untouched paintwork from back in the day in all its original beauty! I am amazed l never said the word nostalgic once in this write up! Iol .Good luck everyone in the comp and all have a fantastic Christmas! Cheers James.

3 Untouched paintwork from back in the day!




Very cool. Love a Scorcher and this one is ace.



Amazing to think this hobby spans 40 years for many of us. I like the way you went with this time capsule.



Nice one bud, a good write up and the paintjob is super cool! Still bang on, looks as if it was painted yesterday.. love it



Nothing beats the good old, James
I envy the photos you take, you bring out the best in our hobby!



Cheers guys.

Dan j


I love your beach run pictures! Nightmare to clear afterwards though...



Awesome in its natural patina, I’ve thought about re-spraying my orange & white SS, but as you say then they loose there story. So it’s also going to stay as is.



Awsome shot James, the lighting is perfect, capturing all the details. Love this paint job too!



Appreciate your great comments guys. Cheers.

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