Dakar Desert Racers (rally raid)
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For all of those of you who think that sand and dirt tracks are the way to go. If you have a Safari style landy a Dakar touareg or a custom pajero/zx then this is for you. All to do with probably the most risky and unpredictable sport in the world.And to join, simply have an interest or better still a model.And now a few model rules that I feel might be needed in the growth of this sig. - Please note that some form of event marking/racing livery is prefered to make some form of racing realism - even if its a test livery. - Or a form of expedition setup as I have noted a few - more civilian style machines around in people showrooms that whilst nt all added yet I think are not really "DAKAR" or safari in nature. - Please also may there be at least 1 preferibly more chassis picture of what you are driving - I along with many others like to see the shells and effort there but when you say - custom chassis and mounts well please let us see and learn - This isnt F1 guys no need to be that secretive ;) lol Should You feel any concerns or queries about this then please feel free to contact me and discuss Cheers Ryck

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