Big Puffy Shoes
A shared passion

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I, like most of my fellow Tamiya Clubbers, love different models for different reasons, whether it’s for the speed, the look or whatever. But most of all, I love the models with the big wheels, the Pumpkin, the Clod, the Monster Beetle - it doesn’t matter! Almost everyone in TC has a special place in their hearts for the models with big silly wheels! Life is more fun with the big wheels, and in this game, size DOES matter!I know there is already a similar S.IG, "B.T.T Truckers" of which i'm a member, but to be honsest, I just wanted my own :o)So, join this S.I.G if you have ANYTHING with big shoes, whether its supposed to or not, it doesn’t matter and remember, the bigger the better!

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