Big Puffy Shoes
A shared passion

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ETS Jess

I, like most of my fellow Tamiya Clubbers, love different models for different reasons, whether it’s for the speed, the look or whatever. But most of all, I love the models with the big wheels, the Pumpkin, the Clod, the Monster Beetle - it doesn’t matter! Almost everyone in TC has a special place in their hearts for the models with big silly wheels! Life is more fun with the big wheels, and in this game, size DOES matter!

I know there is already a similar S.IG, "B.T.T Truckers" of which i'm a member, but to be honsest, I just wanted my own :o)

So, join this S.I.G if you have ANYTHING with big shoes, whether its supposed to or not, it doesn’t matter and remember, the bigger the better!

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