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Model  58064 Thought this might be of some Interest to those of us, who are Fans of the classic Toyota Celica GrB 4WD 1/12 Scale Tamiya Model. This Group in my opinion has much potential and may become One of the Best out There! 'as Quite a few are luckily still around, and seem mostly in very good or reasonable condition. I'm personally very much looking forward to seeing Some Nice Examples from within TC. They don't have to be Perfect! Might not be a Runner even , could perhaps be a Project. Having a NIB is Extremely Nice and i suspect pretty Valuable these days. I realise the Majority of the GrB's, Well at least the one's i've seen are original Looking! However it is always nice to get the chance to appreciate them that may be a little out of the Ordinary!New Members are Always Welcome! but the Old Ones, May have to dust themselves down a Little!Note: I may have come up with the idea for this Special Interest group which was Est. 30th June 2008but i must thank and give Credit to Vin87 for the design of our banner.  If any Member is wondering where the Idea for this Model possibly came from, or has something of an Interest in the Full Scale equivalent then the following might also be helpful:   JUHA KANKKUNEN 1985 RAC Rally                                            New Celica Gr.B Slot Member                         Welcome!                          generationx                           

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