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<p align="left">For every one out there who has got the bug of buying all the bling from anywhere in the world to go on your DF based buggy, and spent more than you should say on it this is where you need to be. The only stipulation is that IT HAS SOME BLING!!

<p align="left">So if you have the rudest looking Dark Impact, dirtiest Avante mk2, have splashed the cash on the Gravel Hound, created a whirlwind with a Rising Storm or been stung by a manta ray (cheers TA mark!!) here is the platform to show it off!

<p align="left">Don't want to state the obvious but only DF chassis based buggies are to be allowed, including all DF01's, DF02's, DF03's and even NDF01 and RTR's but they don't need to be brand new or done in some strange new way, just the obligatory bling! All buggies will be accepted on their own merits.

<p align="left">Many thanks, Ian (Deejay1711) 

<p align="left">A huge thanks go to TA Mark again for the reworking of the banner, a MASSIVE improvement on the original and it is now very eyecatching. Hope the boss wasn't too annoyed at work with you doing this!!

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