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<strong>WELCOME TO THE HOLIDAY BUILD-FEST S.I.G.</strong><br /><br />All TC members are welcome to join :)<br /> 

Here is our story:<br /><br />Daniel (pagedm_f350) had mentioned a couple of times he has a tradition of a holiday build fest every year, in which he dedicated some time to sit and build a new kit during the end of year holiday season. <br />It occurred to me that this would be fun for me too (big surprise there!) and I thought since we are on opposite sides of the world we could not sit and build together, but we could get the same kit and when finished post them to see what the other had built.<br /><br />After agreeing we would do this, we thought others might like to join in the fun. So this is basically the idea.

 - We will hold the fest annually.<br /> - Daniel will choose the kit and announce it on TC in mid November.<br /> - The kit will be a scale, inexpensive Tamiya kit, recently released to increase the availability.<br /> - All builds must be original, no box art.<br /> - We will all post photos of our completed builds on January 1st.

This should give everyone enough time to purchase and build their kits.<br /><br />There is no pressure, obligations or prizes, this is not a contest. You can feel free to join even if you don't build anything. This is intended to create a community of builders to see and enjoy the diversity of our different building styles and have a friendly atmosphere. I think we can learn a lot and share some great ideas from a mass build.<br /><br />If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Daniel or myself.<br /><br />Thanks and hope you join the fun,<br />Christian (7.2inchdriver)<br /> 

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