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<p align="center"><strong><u>Hi, fellow Dyna owners</u> </strong>

<p align="center"><strong>This group is a dedicated space for all Dyna Storm  58116/49190 owners and Dyna Blaster 58123 owners who appreciate tamiya's finest 2wd off roaders.</strong>

<p align="center"><strong>The club is for all Dyna Storm / Dyna Blaster fans/owners whether it be original, re-re, boxart or non boxart, we want to see it! so please link your pics/movies to this club! you can do this via your showroom model edit page where a new SIG link box will appear, you dont have to change pictures etc, if your still unsure contact me or visit the t/c forum for the ' how to ' guide.</strong>

<p align="center"><strong>Big thanks to 'Steviedee' for our new banner, nice one! </strong>

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