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7This Group is aimed at the owners of the 1:14 scale series of Tractor Trucks. Think we could use a little space of our own on TC ;) So if own one of these rigs this is the group for you. This is the place to show of that latest or oldest 1:14 Tamiya Rig/Trailer, from that dodgy Mercedes 1838LS to a full tricked out Knight Hauler. A nice custom job, evil plans or found aftermarket parts. Feel free to add some video’s or anything related in the movies section.Door policy = As little as possible! About anything goes  - Own at least 1 1:14 Tamiya truck.  - Only allowed linking/images/video’s are related to RC scaled transportation.   - 1:14 or 1:16 forklifts or wheel-loader is also very welcome.  - Please no NIB photos, we all know how they start life, its what you do to them that we are interested in.  - Please also make sure the pictures are relevant to the SIG.  So click below to apply, 10-4Here is a link to the Big Rigs forum here on TC, shared with the tanks.http://tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showforum=49A group screen saver that will download random images from the Tamiya Truckin SIG.http://tamiyaclub.com/downloads/tamiyaclub_BigRigs.zip Tamiya Truckin 2017 UK Show information! Contact Ant88 if you would like to attend any shows below.Wings&Wheels: June, 24th & 25th Southern Model Show: September, 9th & 10thSt Albans Model Show: September, 23rd & 24thFestival of Model Railways & Hobbies: November, 18th & 19th 

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