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Hi and welcome to the DT-01 Group!  Here you can show other members your DT-01 chassis cars. I have always liked these cars for there rigid construction, there ability to stay in one piece after multiple years of bashing!The DT-01 chassis cars I know of are:Mad Fighter.Fighter Buggy RX.Mad Bull.Rookie Rabbit.(If you know of one I have not mentioned then tell me.To join this group all you have TO do is click the “apply”, and then Wright and tell me why you would like to join the DT-01 Group! (If you have any problems don’t hesitate to ask me.)Rules:To comply you must own a DT-01 and must be willing to check back here and have a look at how the Group has evolved and look at the new models!Also you can post your videos of your DT-01’s too, just go to the video and link it like you do with your cars. (Again if you have any trouble then I would be happy to help.)Thanks for reading,                               Joel

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