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SRB Bloke

A special interest group set up solely for the <strong>Tamiya Special Racing Buggy (SRB) FORD F150 RANGER XLT</strong>.

I know there's an S.I.G for the SRB's together, but I feel the <strong>RANGER </strong>is becoming very popular again and deserves a group of its own, so we can find all the amazing RANGERS you have created real easy.

No Rules except one, 'It has to be a <em><strong><u>RANGER</u></strong></em> to join' it can be on a Rough Rider, Buggy Champ, Sand Scorcher or Super Champ chassis...

Any condition, NIB, resto, boxart or modified.

<p align="center"><strong>COME AND JOIN ALL RANGER OWNERS WELCOME</strong>

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