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We are the Reading Bashers. As our name suggests, we meet up in some woods in Reading a few times a year. The woods have jumps, good areas for trailing/crawling, lots of space for running and of course and a mud pit.

At the moment, there have been over 5 Reading Bashes, each with a turnout of around 10 people. We are very friendly and always welcome new members to come along and have a good thrash with their models.

To be a part of the group, you need to have turned up to at least one bash.

Look forward to seeing you at the next bash, from the Reading Basher

<strong><u>The next Reading Bash, RB8, will be held on Sunday 12th October 2008.</u> </strong>

<strong> </strong><strong>We are meeting in the usual car park at 12 noon. Bring loads of cars and batteries, it's set to be a very good meet! For direction, email me (Petrolhead)</strong>

For pics of previous bashes, see below. For videos, see the videos section in this SIG and also for the video of RB7 see Petrolhead's showroom.

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