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Welcome to ‘the E number experience’…. for the ultimate RC driving machine that is BMW.  Having a passion for BMWs I deemed it fitting to start a BMW signature group here on TC, as far as I know there isn’t a BMW sig group yet.  Signature member’s posts are restricted to pictures within a certain criteria, please take time to read the following, and take careful consideration before you post. Pictures must be of completed/finished RC BMWs only and not ‘real life’ ‘NIB’ ‘mid-project’ ‘reference’ ‘work in progress’ ‘static models’ etc.  There are no limits on brand, any brand is okay as long as it’s a completed RC BMW.  The quality of pictures matters a lot, I’ve seen many pictures of great looking cars, but they’re sat on a bed or dresser.  Am looking for pictures where a little thought and effort has been made.  Arty attempts are more than welcome, using PC software to enhance an image is okay as well.  So come on BMW lovers, let's see what you got and let's see if we can create a collection of pictures that would make BMW proud!

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